Saturday, 30 May 2015

My first time with water decals

Hi all, hope you're all well!
Water decals seem like a quick and easy way for a pretty manicure. Is that the case?
I ordered two small sheets of decals from Born Pretty Store (you can find them here) and full of optimism I started playing with them as soon as they reached me.

Instructions seemed easy enough - 15-20 seconds in water, put on the nail, remove water excess, blow dry, top coat, done! Pretty nails!
Umm, no. Water decals are definitely something that you need to get used to before it'll be a way for a "quick and stress free pretty mani".
I guess it should be easier if you're using decals that cover only a little part of the nail, not the whole thing.
It was a bit tricky with the first nail. The decal kept sliding and I didn't know how to get it not to wrinkle on the top. Very frustrating. Once I learned how it works it went much smoother with the second nail.

I used maxfactor - Cactus Green as a base.

Mint dots with Barry M - Mint Green.

I learned a lot about water decals and I'm pretty sure my next attempt will go much better.
If you want to see how I did this mani stay tuned to my Instagram accout - I'll be posting a quick tutorial tomorrow x

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