Sunday, 24 May 2015

Bad mani day + OPI - Black Shatter

Hi all!
When I discovered I didn't delete my blog but only made it private I quickly logged in to see my "great" nail art from few years back. I really liked the idea behind some of them and decided to recreate them.

I started with a mani I did for 31 days challenge - rainbow.

And oh, it was such a big fail! I could clearly see on the old photo that I had a problem with spacing (I mean the random white space on the bottom of the nail). To avoid that I decided to do different patterns on each nail so if I mess up badly I could say that this is how I wanted it to be. Please, I failed so miserably that no matter what I would say could save me!
Please excuse rubbish photo, but I knew this mani won't last till next day, so I had to work with the light I had at the time.

Base: ORLY - Powder Puff
Red: ORLY - Candy Cane Lane
Orange: mix of ORLY - Candy Cane Lane, Essence - Destination Sunshine and China Glaze - Sun's Up Top Down (mixing only ORLY and Essence polishes resulted in pink shade...)
Yellow: Essence - Destination Sunshine
Green: maXfactor - Cactus Green
Blue: ORLY - Snowcone
Indigo: mix of ORLY - Snowcone and Catrice - Plum Play With Me
Purple: Catrice - Plum Play With Me

I didn't really knew what to do - I was sure I don't want this on my nails, but it was late and I couldn't be ask to do my mani again. But, I was going out the next day, so I wanted to have pretty nails! And then it hit me - crackle/shutter/however it's called! I've seen so many nice colour-peeking-from-underneath-the-shutter mani photos on Instagram, maybe it could work? But I don't like shutter polishes! In real life it looks like you pick your polish off, it only looks nice on the photos (yes, of course it makes sense that I have 4 of crackle polishes even if I don't like the effect...)! But I have nothing to loose now, I want to take this mani off anyway...

And OMG, I'm in love!

OPI - Black Shatter 

I'll definitely be giving shutter polishes another chance in the future ;)

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