Wednesday, 18 April 2012

dotting tool stripes

I wanted to try this technique again as I had so much fun doing it before. But polishes I used this time dried so slow, it took me at least three times more time to do my nails than it takes usually. It was annoying and fun finished after another blob of polish was drying for ages again.
I used George - Fortune teller as a base, Essence - Very berry, Essence - Ultimate pink and  Essence - Break trough. It was a nightmare trying to take a proper photo of this mani and I failed :P

dotting tool stripes nail art

Oh, and I changed adress of my blog ;) I was never happy with "somethinglikepolish" so it was about time to change it. And I really want to change layout of my blog but I have no ideas for it yet... I hope I'll do it by the end of the week :P

Zapraszam na rozdanie u Pauli. Do zdobycia sporo fajnych kosmetyków.


  1. Prześliczne! Zatkało mnie i się zaśliniłam z zazdrości, PRZEŚLICZNE!

  2. jeju... super! zrobię sobie takie! :D