Saturday, 28 April 2012

my very first konadicure :)

I bought my very first Konad plates at buyincoins and I recived them yesterday. I have two samping plates from Essence that I bought over a year ago, but as they don't have any patterns, only single images it makes it much easier to do ;) I had troubles stamping with Konad plates, it is much more difficult than I expected. Besides I always thought Konad plates are bigger :)
Unfortunatelly Konad patterns are to small for my nails on my right hand (nails on my left hand are about 2mm shorter due to frequent breaking weeks ago. Konad patterns looks good on most of them).
This mani is far from perfect, but I think it's not to bad for the first time ;) I used Barry M - Green MintOPI - Alpine Snow and Konad plate M63.

barry m green mint, opi alpine snow, konad m63

Thursday, 26 April 2012

flowers & stripes

For past couple of days I'm in a really bad mood, I'm tired all the time and everything can make me cry. I guess   my pragnancy hormons are messing up with me... I hope it'll past soon. Lately I don't have much energy to post and to make new manis almost every day...
This mani I made about a month ago and I don't remember all polishes I used. I'm sure I used George - Meteorite and Essence - You belong to me for leaves, Max Factor - Juicy plum and Chilled lilac for stripes and base colours, also for flowers. There are also two more polishes involded but I don't remember which. I think I used Technic - Lollipop somewhere in flowers. Rhinestone is from Born Pretty Store.

stripes flowers nail art

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

bow mani

When I saw this on Pinterest I knew I need to try to do this mani :) It's not perfect and I'm only happy with my index finger, but I hope next time I'll do it it'll be more precise. I used George - Smarty pants as a base, OPI - Alpine snow and LA Colors nail art polish in black. Sorry for really bad quality of this photo, but lately the weather is not to good and that's the best I have...

bow nail art

Monday, 23 April 2012

contest entry

The theme of the contest is "Do you believe in magic?" and is hosted by Neverland Nail Blog (I just love the name of this blog! Probably that's because I love Peter Pan ;)). You can win $25 to spend in Ninja Polish shop.
My inspiration came straight from Neverland ;) - fairies. I think I overused glitter :P Well, what can I say, I am one crazy person ;)
Polishes I used:
Essence - Julia
Essence - Louise
Maybelline - White dream
Maybelline - Berry fast
George - Be mine
George - Buttercup shine
Rimmel - Misty jade
no name glitters and rhinestones

Brace yourself, my mani is coming...

magic faries nail art contest

magic faries nail art contest

magic faries nail art contest

I hope you enjoyed my craziness ;)

Friday, 20 April 2012

mint leopard

I needed some spring colors in my life ;) I'm not to happy with colors I used - base color (Rimmel - Misty Jade) and dots inside leopard spots (Essence - You belong to me) was so similar that sometimes it was hard to tell there are more than two colors on my nails... Dark green is George - Meteorite. This is not my best leopard print... Maybe because I used another size of dotting tool? I always used the smallest one - the only one that Essence have in their offer, but now I used the one that it's on every second end of most common dotting tools (I have the ones from Born Pretty Store - I used the pink one from this set). I guess that may be the reason... Or maybe my skills are getting worse? :P

mint green leopard print nail art

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

dotting tool stripes

I wanted to try this technique again as I had so much fun doing it before. But polishes I used this time dried so slow, it took me at least three times more time to do my nails than it takes usually. It was annoying and fun finished after another blob of polish was drying for ages again.
I used George - Fortune teller as a base, Essence - Very berry, Essence - Ultimate pink and  Essence - Break trough. It was a nightmare trying to take a proper photo of this mani and I failed :P

dotting tool stripes nail art

Oh, and I changed adress of my blog ;) I was never happy with "somethinglikepolish" so it was about time to change it. And I really want to change layout of my blog but I have no ideas for it yet... I hope I'll do it by the end of the week :P

Zapraszam na rozdanie u Pauli. Do zdobycia sporo fajnych kosmetyk√≥w.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

naked nails

I took this photo yesterday, just before painting my nails.

naked nails nail care

What do you think? :)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Argyle nails

First time I saw argyle manis on pinterest and I fell in love with them straight away. I was so confused how to do them... It's so simple... I can't believe I had so much troubles to figure it out! At first I wanted to do them using scotch tape but when I tried to put on my first tape piece it came to me that paiting it it's not that hard ;)
For this mani I used Collection 2000 - Marshmellow and Max Factor - Chilled Lilac. I just hate paiting my nails with Max Factor Mini Nail Polishes, it's so uncomfortable!

argyle nail art collection 2000 marshmellow max factor chilled lilac

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

stripes inspired by Glamour

I was a bit tired of making fancy nails every day for the 31 days challenge so it was kind of a relief when I saw nail art inspiration in May Glamour and I didn't really have to think what to do on my nails:

max factor lollipop cool jade glamour nail art

They suggested to use Max Factor polishes - Cool Jade and Lollipop. I used something similar - Rimmel - Misty Jade and Max Factor - Disco Pink.

rimmel misty jade max factor disco pink stripes glamour nail art

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

31 days challenge - recreate your favourite challenge

I didn't really do what they said I'm supposed to paint today. I recreated mani that I saw on many, many blogs, for sure at Very Emily and Emerald Sparkled. All I can say is that since I saw this mani for the first time I wanted to recreate it, but I never have the guts ;)
I used Essence - You belong to me, OPI - Alpine Snow, George - Meteorite, Essence - Lime up!, Essence - Ultimate pink, Essence -Very Berry , Essence - Enchanted fairy

vintage floral flower nail art

You have no idea how happy I am that this challenge is finally over :))

Monday, 9 April 2012

31 days challenge - inspired by a tutorial

I wanted to do something new for me, so I'll really have to use tutorial ;) I typed "flower nail art tutorial" in google and I found this tutorial. It was a bit hard for me to fit it on my short nails but I think I did good :) It's not really the type of mani that I like, but I think I'm gonna wear it again with a bit of changes.
I used  Inglot - 307, some flakies I bought long time ago back in Poland, OPI - Alpine Snow, black and white nail art polishes from LA Colors and Rimmel - Misty Jade.

flower nail art

Sunday, 8 April 2012

31 days challenge - inspired by supernatural

Boring, simple, more halloween than inspired by supernatural mani.
OPI - Alpine snow and LA Colors nail art polish in black + two rhinestones on my ring finger as eyes.
I'm glad this challange is almost done, last few challanges were exhausting...

halloween ghost nail art

Saturday, 7 April 2012

31 days challenge - inspired by a flag

I painted flags of countries that mean something for me:
Poland: As most of you know I'm from Poland. I lived there 21 years. (OPI - Alpine snow, Essence - Red-y to go)
Luxembourg: I moved there for a short time for work. It's really beautiful country and I just love everything in there. (Essence - Red-y to go, OPI - Alpine Snow, Essence - Let's get lost)
UK & England: Where I live now and where I'm planning to stay :) (ring finger: mix of LA Colors nail art polish in black and Essence - Let's get lost for a base, LA Colors nail art polish in white and Essence - Red-y to go. Pinky: OPI - Alpine Snow and  Essence - Red-y to go)

poland luxembourg unated kingdom england flag nail art
Poland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, England

Friday, 6 April 2012

31 days challenge - inspired by artwork

You have to excuse me, I have nothing for today. Can I say that I was inspired by nail artwork? ;)
Something you have seen plenty of times - butterfly nail art.

butterfly nail art
flash light

I had troubles with making a proper photo.
I used beautiful duochrome Accessorize - Pink Spice as a base, LA Colors nail art polishes in black and white.

butterfly nail art

butterfly nail art

Thursday, 5 April 2012

31 days challenge - inspired by a pattern

My inspiration was my blog pattern :)
I used Accessorize - Fudge as a base, then I freehanded my blog pattern with Essence - Trust in fashion and  Lime up! and make dots with Essence - Very berry. I also used Seche Vite for the first time... God, it smells! Uh, terrible... But it's the best top coat I ever used so I'm gonna stick with it from now on :)

pattern flower nature nail art

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

31 days challenge - inspired by fashion

I mentioned before that Burberry is my favourite brand. In that case what else could I create on my nails but Burberry pattern? :)

burberry nail art
I used George - Fortune teller as a base, then I painted black and white stripes with LA Colors nail art polishes and for the last touch I painted stripes with Essence - Red-y to go using brush from one of LA Colors polishes.
Unfortunatelly I messed up my thumb when I put on my top coat... But I'm still proud of this mani :)

Monday, 2 April 2012

31 days challenge - inspired by a movie & inspired by a book

Past few days the weather is terrible... No sun, windy... I had no inspiration to resize photos and write a post :P Today I decided I haven't post long enaugh so I may as well stop playing on my DS and post something ;)

I guess that was the worst challenge for my brain so far... I couldn't came up with anything good and both my manis are fails. Finally I did them during one night and removed them both right after taking pictures. Uh... Painting them was a nightmare...
First is movie inspired. More like cartoon inspired :P Spongebob Squarepants Fail:

spongebob squarepants nail art
base color - George - buttercup shine

And now, book inspired, even bigger fail: Bridget Jones Diary

bridget jones diary nail art
base color - Essence - ultimate pink
Index finger - cigarette (as Bridges smokes all the time)
Middle finger - heart for heart problems
Ring finger - poorly made half of book cover :P
Pinky - question marr for "difficult choice" in mean area :P