Thursday, 29 March 2012

31 days challenge - water marbled

Water marbling is how I discovered nail art. I was looking for some make-up tutorials in Google and I found Colette blog. It was in February or March 2011. I tried water marbling only once since then, it was acutually my very first nail art :) I remember I didn't protect my fingers with tape and I put my fingers all the way down in water... So you can imagine how much of a clean up I had ;)
Today I did two water marbles... My first nail today (index finger on first photo) was nearly perfect! I hoped all next marbles will be so nice and easy... Haha, I wish. It was getting worse and worse... After few hours, when my anger for water marbling went away, I tried again, with different polishes. It turned out a bit better :)

For first water marbling I used OPI - Alpine Snow as a base, Max Factor - Intense Plum, Disco pink and Chilled Lilac.

water marble nail art

For this water marble I used OPI - Alpine Snow as a base, Missguided - Misstique, LA Colors nail art polishes in white and black. I also added two layers of Essence glitter topcoat.

water marble nail art


  1. Very, very beautiful!

  2. cudne! Dlaczego mi nie wychodzą?:D

    1. Ja myślałam, że mnie z tym szlag trafi + szkoda mi lakierów, tak dużo się marnuje...

  3. very beautiful marbled flowers ;)