Saturday, 30 May 2015

My first time with water decals

Hi all, hope you're all well!
Water decals seem like a quick and easy way for a pretty manicure. Is that the case?
I ordered two small sheets of decals from Born Pretty Store (you can find them here) and full of optimism I started playing with them as soon as they reached me.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Born Pretty Store BP-L 008 Stamping Plate

Hello! :)
I've never been too keen on stamping so I don't own many plates. Now, after seeing on Instagram the endless possibilities they give I'm growing fond of them. Unfortunately nail stamping is nowhere near as easy as it seems, but I think that with every new mani my stamping skills are getting better. Also I can't find nail polishes in my collection that would work well, but I'm waiting for black and white ones from Born Pretty Store and I hope that with proper polishes my stamping will improve.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Bad mani day + OPI - Black Shatter

Hi all!
When I discovered I didn't delete my blog but only made it private I quickly logged in to see my "great" nail art from few years back. I really liked the idea behind some of them and decided to recreate them.

I started with a mani I did for 31 days challenge - rainbow.

And oh, it was such a big fail! I could clearly see on the old photo that I had a problem with spacing (I mean the random white space on the bottom of the nail). To avoid that I decided to do different patterns on each nail so if I mess up badly I could say that this is how I wanted it to be. Please, I failed so miserably that no matter what I would say could save me!
Please excuse rubbish photo, but I knew this mani won't last till next day, so I had to work with the light I had at the time.

Friday, 22 May 2015

I'm back!

It's been only a bit over 2 years ;) I'm SO ashamed when I look back at my old posts... Mostly because of my english skills back then and, well, let's be honest - my nail art was mostly awful (it's a tiny bit better now ;)). I'll try to make this blog look "normal" soon (what was I thinking when I set this layout?!) and for now you can follow me on Instagram - @talesofnailpolish and Snupps - talesofnailpolish.
Have a good weekend y'all!x